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Our services in this area are targeted at giving you two broad outcomes.

Provide the basis for you to achieve and maintain a particular quality certification such as ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 (Measuring the environmental impact of your business). Or prepare you for a planned organisational change such as an outsourcing of a business area.

Our consultants are accredited with the appropriate quality agencies such as BSI.

We have successfully supplied these services to both public and private organisations.

You may wish to implement a quality system for a range of reasons such as demands from your customers or you simply wish to show your stakeholders that you are acting to improve your environmental footprint.

Alternatively you may wish to make structural changes to your organisation which can be for such diverse reasons as:

  • Wishing to improve your current operation in order to drive out cost or improve efficiency
  • Implementing a new ERP system
  • Preparing to move staff into a shared service operation
  • Even preparing to outsource a particular functional area or operational entity

In both of the above cases you need to understand what you are already doing in order to ensure that you are in a position to make these changes successfully.

All of our activities follow at the high level the same 4 steps although the individual elements are tailored to the particular situation.

  • Plan:      define the goals to be reached and plan how to implement the actions
  • Do:        implement the corrective actions
  • Check:   verify that the set goals are achieved
  • Act:       depending on the results that occurred in the previous step, make changes to the actions
                 previously taken.

ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001

We can provide a range of Quality consultancy services ranging from initial gap analysis through internal audit and training services, to guaranteed accreditation with BSI.

Our consultancies are BSI approved and we can offer a full range of Quality Consultancy services including:

  • Initial GAP analysis against any standard with comprehensive report and recommendations
  • Design and develop a Quality, Environment, or Health & Safety management system. The system would include the top level document, mandatory procedures, your own internal procedures, work instructions and master forms
  • If you already have ISO 9001 and require 14001 or 18001 we will design and implement an integrated system
  • Train your internal auditors with the BSI internal auditors course
  • Conduct internal audits and supplier audits
  • Report on findings and conduct the management review
  • Guarantee you accreditation to 9001, 14001 and 18001 with BSI
  • Transfer your current registration to BSI
  • Provide ongoing quality support following registration and guarantee continued compliance

Our quality systems are paperless with procedures, work instructions and master forms being issued in PDF format. The system will be fully electronic and made available to your business via your shared drive or intranet.